BMW Bodyshop

In the event of an accident, whether a minor scratch or major damage, your BMW is better off in the hands of experts. Conveniently located in the heart of Port Melbourne, every part, every material, and every shade of paint used at the BMW Bodyshop is the same as that used in the BMW factory. Furthermore, every paint and panel technician who works on your vehicle is highly trained in BMW repair techniques, ensuring that your Ultimate Driving Machine will be restored back to its factory-quality finish.  

Obligation Free Estimates by Appointment Only

Our Services include:
- Complete accident repairs including aluminium
- All Insurance Jobs
- BMW factory technical support
- Fully trained BMW technicians
- Genuine BMW parts & body kits
- 24 hours drop off
- Latest paint and panel technology
- BMW approved rapid repairs
- Paintless dents removal
- BMW seal and protect treatments
- Car detailing
- Wheels repair.

Body Alignment Jigs
These precise jigs ensure all body alignment points on your BMW are lined up to tolerances of within 0.05mm, the original BMW factory standard.  It’s equally exacting as the laser systems used to check correct spaces for door, bonnet and bootlid openings at the BMW factory.  In fact, it’s just as if your car has come straight from the showroom floor.
KDS. Kinematic Diagnostic System.
Extremely accurate and sophisticated equipment returns the suspension geometry of your BMW to exacting factory tolerances.  This ensures that your BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine.
Diagnostic Systems Technology.
Every BMW Bodyshop technician has thorough understanding of BMW systems and technology.  Such as the DIS.  Diagnostic Information System.  Also the ‘Car-o-tonic’, which determines the extent of damage before any repairs take place – and then provides a valuable post analysis.  And our electronic diagnostic unit that checks for defects in reassembly and computer fault memories.  It’s all designed with one job in mind – to return your BMW to its original condition.
770 Lorimer Street
Telephone: 03 9676 7666
Fax: 03 9646 6211
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat & Sun: Closed